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Now electricity really could grow on trees! Scientists unveil prototype 'wind tree' that uses turbines hidden inside plastic leaves to create power

The 'wind tree' - tree sculpture that uses turbines to create power  | Daily Mail Online


Small wind turbines scaled to the right size for residential and urban areas have so far lived in the shadows of their larger wind-farm-sized counterparts. The power output has been too low for a reasonable return on investment through energy savings and the noise they produce is louder than most homeowners can deal with.A Dutch renewable energy start-up called The Archimedes is working to solve both of those problems in a new class of small-scale wind turbine -- one that is almost silent…


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Impulse - Signal Generator Android App - , April 1st '15: New update released with fixes addressing user issues.Easy to use audio signal generator (frequency generator) that generates audio tones from 1 to 22000 Hz.Test your phone's speaker, headphones, subwoofers, speakers and amplifiers. Test your hearing.Features:- Variable frequency tone generator- Sampling rate at 44100 (CD quality)- 16bit PCM encoding (CD quality)- Time span selectable- PresetsExtra features…

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Myrna Loy: in 1937 and 1938 Loy was listed in the annual "Quigley Poll of the Top Ten Money Making (revenue generating) Stars". With the outbreak of World War II, she all but abandoned her acting career to focus on the war effort and worked closely with the Red Cross. She was so fiercely outspoken against Adolf Hitler that her name appeared on his blacklist. She helped run a Naval Auxiliary Canteen and toured frequently to raise funds.

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