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OCD: Symptoms, Signs & Risk Factors

Signs and symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder. Do you recognise any of these symptoms in employees?


The ones in bubbles are co-morbid conditions that can exist along with ASD or they can stand alone as an individual diagnosis eg someone who has a primary diagnosis of OCD doesn't have an ASD but a person with a primary diagnosis of ASD can have a secondary diagnosis of ADHD, or SPD or ODD, OCD etc


As a result of the death of her sister Ruth develops OCD with everything- it helps to distract her.


Types of Anxiety. PTSD. PD. GAD. SD. OCD. ...(Had another attack today-took an hour and a trip to the pharmacy to calm me down 8-31-12. The real truth is that it came on me so suddenly. I never even saw the warning signs... :( Nothing mattered but my slc.


How often you should wash everything

This guide informs you how often you need to wash every fabric item in your home from dressing gowns to shower curtains to bath mats and pillow cases. From every week up to every six months, it's certainly very useful.


logija: im reuploading the masterpost I had made a year ago!! please dont hesitate to use any of these links!! i believe it can be useful to both people with certain issues like me and to normies that have no idea what theyre talking about. xoxo Anxiety panic attacks PTSD OCD: Understanding and managing anxiety Half of us: anxiety Overview of panic [1] [2] Calming techniques Information and advice How to talk to a friend who is having a panic attack What anxiety is like Dealing with…