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Notice Pisces is not listed in any of those. Why? Because we are good people with morals & high standards. We aren't evil.


Seems they left Pisces out.. Maybe it's because Pisces has traits of all signs combined. So Never do any of that to pieces...Just sayin.


If you're looking to keep your Taurus around, never lie, she'll be gone in the blink of an eye.

Hate all of them I mostly hate it when some one goes in eve hind ur back and does something terrible also one upers DIE!!

You lie so much you look permanently cock eyed in your pictures lol

I really want to slap whomever made this. I don't know any weak hufflepuffs so what the heck? Most slytherines know love, narcissa lied to voldemorts face because of her love for her son, regulus drank that potion and sent kreacher back, prof slughorn has a love for his students, even if it is slightly selfish. And gryffindors value bravery, loyalty is a sign of the Hufflepuff house. But I do know we ravenclaw a can be a little stuffed up sometimes.<-- pinning for that amazing comment