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Cardiology: signs of heart disease, heart murmurs and heart sounds

Signs of heart disease #heart #disease #cardiology ========================== Warning to all scrapers, do not change source of infographic and do not try to modify infographic, we are going to put your pin down and take further legal actions.


Back-up plans are an absolute necessity. Sometimes even the best of plans can go awry and having several back-up plans can keep you on the right path.


**Reblog** Cardiac-Heart Failure notes. For those studying cardiac. bloopz: Here is an upload of my personal notes of signs and symptoms of Heart Failure (left and right-sided).


Be kind to others but include urself first , after all this life is ur masterpiece don't fill it with other people's interference just like they say " I don't know the secret of success but to please others is definitely the secret of failure" ...