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Baby Care Basics: What are the Signs of Flu?

Watch Baby Care Basics: What are the Signs of Flu? in the Parents Video


Do you know the common flu symptoms? Do you know how flu is different from a cold? Learn more about flu symptoms and types so you’ll know what you’re up against this flu season. Find out the warning signs of more serious problems with flu so you can prevent flu complications.


Homemade Elderberry Syrup! Used to prevent colds and flu. We take it at the first sign of flu season and continue to take it daily throughout the winter months. Tastes great, my kids LOVE it!


Elderberry Calendula Cold and Flu Elixer - Herbal Academy of New England

Increases the immune system It is a strong fighter against chest infections, facilitates the breathing and coughing. In winters the garlic I excellent for preventing flu and cold. If you feel the first sign of flu or cold then you should soak a clove of garlic in honey and then you can eat it. Remedy …

9 Signs of Hormone Imbalance You Shouldn't Ignore

Being able to spot the signs you have a Hormone Imbalance is key to maintaining a holistic health lifestyle! Hormones play an important role in virtually every aspect your well being.


Baby Care Basics: What are the Signs of Flu?

Signs That It Could Be the Flu

cold and flu fighter! Delicious elderberry juice and elderflower press give fantastic support at the first signs of a cold or flu. May shorten virus visit and ensure less unwelcome stays. Combines well with Echinacea