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How to Spot a Sociopath: 11 Signs & Traits of A Sociopath

Symptoms of Sociopathic Behavior: "Deep down, these people are extremely cold-hearted, and they completely lack the full spectrum of human emotion. The only person they care about is themselves. No one else is important to them, and they see all other people as potential targets for their own selfish, deviant actions."

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Quote on mental health: Mental illness is the only disease that can make you deny its own existence. Certainly the idea that the brain can deny its own illness is a frightening thought. -Natasha Tracy.


Obvious signs of poor me: being the victim, i.e....serious past boyfriends who were supposedly ALL mean, breaking up with best friends, sickly or on-going bad luck in life, etc...these types also cheat and lie to get what they want out of their victims, other people and the system....