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Significance Of 420

beatlebob64: “ Eric Clapton his most historically significant guitar: a 1964 Gibson ES-335 TDC, bought with his Yardbird earnings. ”

Pete had a great mind. He was a brilliant man, not "just" a musician. I wish more people would focus on all the amazing things he did, rather than lust after his body & sensual voice.


Residents in Spanish pueblos clean the pavements outside their home! It's not insane, it's…………………..NICE!


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For all of my LOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNG Distance relationship people whether your significant other is 16hrs awy or even 4.


''The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep.'' -- Robert Frost ; source: Coffee*Soul*Wine*


Sooo does anyone know the significance of 420? ( none of my stoner friends have the answer ) by theuncensoredstripper

This approach boils down that actively playing a shot isn't that arduous, but playing it precisely is usually a significant problem. To be able to help you to improve accuracy and reliability, outlined here are some techniques that may help you in mastering your backswing. Simple and short: Maintain your golfing backswing short and straightforward. It's not necessary to toss the golf club... FULL ARTICLE @

Around the world you can find monuments, statues and sculptures displayed in public parks and other places of interests. These public artworks are in most cases, figures of heroes and distinguished individuals who have significant contributions to the country or to the locality. Inasmuch as these statue and sculpture art objects are nothing but ordinary memorial structures, most of them are depicted in a formal and in the most stately fashion. There are however, statue and sculpture art…

The grass is always greener on the other side” thinking is a dangerous trap! Notice those comparative or jealous thoughts when they arise, acknowledge their origins and calmly redirect the thoughts to taking devoted action to water your grass! There are certain situations when we need to take significant action to escape a wholly negative environment, such as taking action to avoid an abusive relationship, workplace bullying, or other universally detrimental scenarios; but our first move…

Hardwick Hall – a most significant and impressive Elizabethan House – now 420 years old! - The windows are exceptionally large and numerous for the 16th century and were a powerful statement of wealth – at a time when glass was a luxury: “Hardwick Hall, more glass than wall” the saying went.

Sterling Silver Custom Single Fingerprint Tip Wedding or Commitment Band--set of 2

Quoted from: MoMA | The Collection | Koichi Sato. The Modern Poster, The Museum of Modern Art, New York. 1988


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US election: Trump campaign spending still lags far behind Clinton

Trump campaign spending still lags far behind Clinton. The Trump campaign spent $18.5m (£14.1m) in July, compared to his Democratic rival's $38m. Mr Trump spent more than $420,000 on hats, but only started major TV adverts this month.

MAGNETIC DRY WIPE BOARD A3 A sturdy board which features a metal surface with hardboard back and reinforced screwed corners. (420 x 295mm max. overall dimensions, white area 387 x 263mm). A pack of 12 A3 boards represent a significant saving when compared to the cost of an individual board. Ideal for synthetic phonics work. Can be used as a whiteboard with dry wipe pens. Magnetic letters and magnetic numbers available separately. £7.74

SOG Double Hawk with Nylon Sheath

SOG Double Hawk with Nylon Sheath <p>The SOG Double Headed Axe lets you get medieval when you work. Based on the construction and durability of the world renowned Tomahawk, but with a heavier two edged head, this formidable axe can shape, split and cut wood, harvest timber, as well as be used in military/LE operations for breaching, extraction, etc. It is big enough to exert significant power with a two-handed grip but light enough to use with a single hand. The 420 stainless steel head…