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Alarm System For The Deaf. Alert Master AM-6000. This product was recommended to me in a deaf group. It uses both vibration and lights to signal the user to a variety of sounds in the house. An intelligent idea!

TEKNİK TAKİP DOSYASI : Signals intelligence and human rights – the ECHELON report –

1/6/17 A Note to DNI Clapper: There Are No Slam-Dunks When It Comes to Signals Intelligence - American Greatness What James Clapper, the current Director of National Intelligence, neglected to mention was that the Russians were similarly caught celebrating President Obama’s victory both in 2008 and 2012.

Abandoned satellite dish Isn't it magnificent still- It reminds me of Mad Max... Mel Gibson when he was still Australian and sooper! oh and the looks! Tom Hardy a good choice for the current version... ......AJ

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Signals intelligence - RAF Menwith Hill, a large site in the United Kingdom, part of ECHELON and the UKUSA Agreement. (2005)

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European Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) ships (Dec. 2016) [2016 x 1440]

♀ I BEE Such an Ancient Black Christ [ABC = Untouchable Satan = U.S.] Immortal… that’ll Never BEE Picture Perfect… ‘cause I BEE 2 Busy Perfectin’ My Own [MO’ = Personal] Internal INNER Life… of Unseen Sentient [U.S. = Invisible] Beautiful Black Light Coded Energies… I Biokhemically Produce wit’ My Own [MO’ = Personal] Golden Frequency Module [FM] Signal Intelligences… I Been Quietly [Secretly] Harmonizing… since Preexistent [Quantum] Black America [Atlantis = Biblical Eden] = Classical…

The little-known capture of Rommel’s signals intelligence unit by an Australian battalion in North Africa in July 1942

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Reagan Administration “Cavalierly” Leaked NSA Signals Intelligence — Apparently Without Informing the Agency

REAGAN ADMINISTRATION “CAVALIERLY” LEAKED NSA SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE — APPARENTLY WITHOUT INFORMING THE AGENCY: The battle between Nicaragua’s socialist Sandinista government and the U.S.-backed Contra brigades trying to overthrow it. Contras had been directly financed by the U.S. starting in 1981. Contra Troops Training in Honduras (Photo by © Bill Gentile/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Obama used a cybersecurity link for the first time to warn Russia #communication #encryption #surveillance #toplevel

A Photo History of the NSA, from Its Once-Secret Archives

Tripwire Alert – Signals Intelligence Indicates Wall Street Dropping Hillary Clinton…

Declassified Spy Outpost Lurks on the Dark Side of the Earth

Built in 1950, the ALERT Signals Intelligence Station was used to eavesdrop on Russian communications throughout the Cold War. During that time, however, the public was told the base was merely one part of the U.S./Canadian Joint Arctic Weather Station (JAWS) network gathering meteorological measurements.

Ahead of entry into service 2014,RAF received 1st of 3 Boeing RC-135 Rivet Joint signals intelligence (SIGINT) acquired Airseeker programme.Operated by 51 Sqn from RAF Waddington in east of England.Personnel from the squadron have been training with USAF's 55th Reconnaissance Wing since 2011 in preparation for arrival of the new aircraft, logging 32,000h across 1,800 sorties,MoD says.Aiming to achieve full operational capability of the 3 RC-135s by mid-2017.

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13 May 1930: The first Japanese linguist, John Hurt, was hired by the U.S. Army's Signals Intelligence Service. Though he never studied Japanese formally or lived in Japan, he amazed people with his detailed knowledge of the language (which he had learned from a college roommate!). In the photo: Hurt is standing - third from the left. From the NSA PDF - " Translator Extraordinaire" by Samuel S. Snyder "John Hurt made an invaluable contribution to the nation's cryptologic effort. His work…

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Captured by the North Koreans in 1968, the US electronic, and signals intelligence gathering ship, USS Pueblo in Pyongyang, on display as a floating museum since 2013.

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