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We will also have a very simple poster ad that will be featured in digital magazines such as the ASOS Magazine, Blogosphere and AnOther Magazine as these magazines are aimed at our target age range.


The New and Improved Tin Can Microphone

Make your own Tin Can Microphone. via instructables Most DIY enthusiasts who are interested in audio gear are familiar with the standard “tin can mic” (or variations thereof), in which a piezo disc…

Ancillaries - Radiated - Laplace Instruments, UK EMC emissions can be at very low signal levels and pre-amplifiers can help to improve S/N ratio. The low level of emission signals can make them difficult to identify in noisy environments. RF filters are designed to attenuate the major sources of noise, thus making the task of measurement easier. Contact Us:

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Noise to signal ratio - are you connecting or are they just scrolling on by?