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Simple Strategies that Can Help Support Children who have Autism

Learn a Language - So beautiful to watch an exchange between signers...

How To Learn A Foreign Language In 3 Months

Join us at the Kimberly Library September 12, 19, 26 from 3:45-4:30 to learn basic sign language. The program is geared for children K-6 and will cover letters, numbers, colors, days of the week, question words, basic sentences, and frequently used signs in school.

BSL - being saved only so I can show people sign language is not universal! Someone fluent in ASL doesn't know the BSL alphabet!

Online Sites to Learn American Sign Language (ASL) - Five sites as resource for learning

Online Sites to Learn American Sign Language (ASL)

We created a fun American Sign Language game list that we want to share with you!

We have had some fun experiences with American Sign Language games in the classroom. Here are some of our favorites: Sign Language Telephone GameRemember the game Telephone from grade school? Well, with this game, you sign it instead of say it.

Alphabet Mazes!  Free letter mazes for the uppercase alphabet.  Featuring American Sign Language handsigns as well as handwrting practice. Perfect for Letter of the Week Notebooks:

These Uppercase Letter Mazes feature American Sign Languages as well as Alphabet Handwriting Practice.