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Why You Should Never Trust Spell Check

Turn-ons for the Signs <mine's really not accurate but okay

I'm saving this to my Alchemy board for the sake of the astrology aspect

In Sociology at (secondary) school, whenever our teacher taught about Feminism as part of the course, she apologised and rolled her eyes, and most of the class groaned and complained and laughed a little too hysterically at everything that lesson.

New shoots of student feminism – your best pictures

qual rights for black people is not a movement mocked in this way, even though many argue that black people are nowadays treated equally.


Most loyal & faithful zodiac signs: Taurus, Cancer ♋ Zodiac Sign, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn Thought Hashtags:

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Standing up for both sexes/trans people/queer people/ppl not in the gender binary Love all!!!

Man stands up for basic human rights of "both sexes." Although his allusion to the gender binary is troublesome, he is still taking a stance for women and breaking the barrier that measures "manhood" by degrading other sexes.