I love the way Ron’s pulling Harry into the portrait as they think of him as family

sadfishkid: “ day “must be a weasley” (jsyk the insect fred is holding is a billywig and its sting causes levitation; in other words, percy is about to learn how to fly.

Sorry not sorry for all the Reylo pics but this one was just to beautiful to pass up on pinning

I personally think Ben and Rey’s need for support will ultimately pull them together in the end, thus restoring balance in the end.

Classic Star Wars Photos #1

Classic Star Wars Photos #1

msnbc.com Entertainment - Steven Spielberg returns guns to 'E.T.' for 30th anniversary release

Steven Spielberg returns guns to 'E.' for anniversary release ~ An early SiFi movie, but one of the BEST!

this is a pro-porg family (@proporg) | Twitter

Not sure I really ship Reylo, but I've been waiting for the fan reaction since XIII came out.

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