NEVER FORGIVE AND FORGET Sarajevo, 1992 - Women run across area known as "Snipers Alley". Civil War in Yugoslavia produced many atrocities not seen across Europe since WWII.

And that happened right before our very eyes in Europe... "Bosnian parliament building burns after being hit by Serbian tank fire during the Siege of Sarajevo."

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Meliha Vareshanovic walks proudly and defiantly to work in the dangerous suburb of Dobrinja during the siege of Sarajevo. Tom Stoddart

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20 Years Later: Bosnia Still Faces Ethnic Divides NPR Podcast on the story of Sarajevo

The Siege of Sarajevo was the longest siege of a capital city in the history of modern warfare. The capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina, was besieged by the Army of Republika Srpska from 5 April 1992-29 February 1996 during the Bosnian War. After Bosnia & Herzegovina had declared independence from Yugoslavia, the Serbs—whose strategic goal was to create a new Bosnian Serb state encircled Sarajevo w/a siege force of 18,000 stationed in the surrounding hills; 12,000 civilians were killed.

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