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Falling Through the Stars: An Astrological Journey By @sapientiaoscen // Illustrated by @mellisp "I discovered there are two different types of astrology: Tropical and Sidereal. Tropical astrology is the one most commonly used here in the West. It is based on the star map from when astrology was first developed many moons ago. Sidereal astrology is based on the star-map of the present moment the ever-changing sky that we see each night. When humans first developed astrology it did line up…

Free Horoscope Ophiuchus - Introducing the 13th Signs of Zodiac and Its Effect. How will your Horoscope change with Sidereal astrology? Ophiuchus is not included in most versions of the zodiac and is rarely used as astrological sign. Its eponymous constellation is situated behind the sun between November 29 and December 17 while Sagittarius will move into the 13th position covering from Dec. 17 to Jan. 20. Learn More: