Not sure if I like this but I love the design

This girl, oh my gosh shes perfect in my eyes. Her hair, her makeup, eveything // I've been hella jonseing for an undercut lately but was nervous about what it'd look like with long hair/bangs. but now I see it looks awesome

Shaved side hair design Shaved Side Hairstyles,short, medium, long nd even with braids. Cute designs on curly hair, pontail styles, with weave, with braids on African American black women. Natural undercut ideas and styles.  teamblackhurromg

101 Short Hairstyles For Black Women - Natural Hairstyles

художественный выстриг волос

If a UK company has its way, men being affected by thinning hair will turn to smaller needles and ink to cover up their hair loss. Manchester, England-based Hairstyle uses what it explains as “a light way of medical tattooing.