Don't mind the white tape peeking out on back side of the hand, it's just holding another #hennadesign in place :) (Can't you guess by the color of the back drop where I've been doing #mehndi tonight?) Huge thanks to @riffat_henna_shop for hosting such a lovely evening! It was so great to connect with more members of the henna community here in #London! Already looking forward to my next visit to the #UK!  #maplemehndi #pink #hennapro #hennaart #designer #hand #bridalhenna #hennaartist ...

I like this henna design for connecting the compass in the middle of my back to the design on my left shoulder. and curling around to my front shoulder?


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Detailing done by Arabic henna just on the sides of the hand. Looks elegant and hot. Isn't it?

45 New and Beautiful Arabic Mehandi Designs: I'm Loving it!

In few weeks Valentines Day is coming so all the girls check out beautiful Arabic mehndi designs day.

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One popular symbolic animal tattoo is the hawk. The hawk has been mentioned throughout history by a variety of cultures throughout the world. Hawk tattoos are sported by men, however, a few women may consider the hawk tattoo.