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5 Side Effects of Radiation Therapy and How to Manage Them

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How to Manage These 4 Radiation Side Effects Like a Pro

How can you manage the common side effects from radiation therapy for cancer, such as skin irritation, fatigue, and cough?

Dr. Dan Purser: Fasting 48 hours prior to chemo could increase your chances of complete remission by 9X that of if you didn't fast. Cancer cells have a metabolic rate of 80-200 times that of a normal healthy cell. Cancer needs sugar to survive. When you fast 48 hrs prior to chemo, drinking all the water you want, the cancer cells are hungry, so hungry that they will eat up the chemo! There is a 9X increase in dead cancer cells.You could also have an 80% reduction in side effects. Repeat…

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The Truth About Chemo

Treating cancer is BIG business! In fact, each year in the USA, allopathic (conventional) treatments generate over $200 billion!  Big Pharma, physicians, and others involved in the “Cancer Industry,” profit heavily each time a cancer patient submits to the conventional “Big 3” treatment model: cutting out essential body parts via surgical intervention, poisoning with chemotherapy, ...

Pdf charts [Chemo & radiation] to track side effects and medications take. so you can discuss options. Taking care of yourself during radiation therapy

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How to Cope with Fatigue Symptoms During Cancer Radiation Therapy

Sometimes after chemotherapy, people experience side effects of cancer treatment including "foggy" moments or lapses in memory that can be frustrating, particularly since it can linger for a few months to long after chemotherapy is complete. Chemobrain can be challenging, but there are methods to help you cope.

Ouch. Your Chest Is Burned, Blistered, And Raw From Radiation — But These Tips Can Help! | The Breast Cancer Site Blog