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Sick Pay Entitlement

Narcissists are always on the prowl for people to exploit so that the narcissist can gain things she thinks she's entitled to such as status and money. Narcissists want you to do a bunch of work on their behalf in return for a pat on the head once a month when the narcissist is bored. Let the loser #narcissist find some other sucker. Do NOTHING for the narcissist.

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!!!!!!!!!!!Check if you're entitled to sick pay - Citizens Advice

When Caterpillar posted record profits, the CEO rewarded himself with a huge pay raise and forced workers to accept a 6-year wage freeze.

For my GOP friends..... Quite a sense of entitlement you have! Let's not forget that most families on assistance also work. Meaning THEY pay their taxes just like YOU.

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The Government is extending its Novopay remediation programme by two months, while 4400 school staff are still battling to receive correct holiday pay and sick pay entitlements.

Uber facing hundreds more claims from drivers for back pay

November 2016: An Uber driver. Uber facing hundreds more claims from drivers for back pay

On 1/10/2013 the Agricultural Workers Board (AWB) was abolished & superseded by ordinary employment legislation. The abolition means that employers will now have to be more actively engaged in agreeing contracts of employment & matters like pay, holiday entitlement & sick pay. Read more on

And when do you think the rest of the country will know?? When they run out of all the entitlements. That's the day this nation will be under martial law.