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Oakland Sick Leave Laws differ from California State Sick Leave Laws

Minimum wage increases in 5 states across the country and 2 pass paid sick leave laws | SwipeClock Workforce Management

from The Huffington Post

GOP: Sick Leave For Me, None For Thee

Paid Sick Leave Laws Preemptively Voided By Republican Governors. ""This is what democracy does not look like," Bravo said. "What do you do when you live in a democracy and people seem to want something you don't agree with, and you have a lot of money or power? You can limit who gets to vote, and" ..."You limit what people can vote for."

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A rarely used law could help the GOP dial back Obama administration regulations

The House GOP is preparing to undue dozens of regulations — possibly ranging from overtime pay to paid sick leave with the help of a rarely used law.


‘Poster Child’ for New York’s Paid Sick Leave Law Failed to Follow It

‘Poster Child’ for New York’s Paid Sick Leave Law Failed to Follow It - The New York Times


New York’s Paid Sick Leave Law Quietly Takes Effect


With Trenton's approval of paid sick leave, focus shifts to 120 day implementation deadline

Check out our California Sick Leave Law Q&A for answers to all your sick leave questions. This article will cover things like rolling over sick leave, exceptions