There are LGBTQ+ people of every kind. We must ALL stand together and not forget anyone or their own other battles

Man I feel so sorry for all you Muslim LGBTQ people, you put up with more crud than I could ever imagine. Let's all rise and give a round of applause for them

Oh yes that was a mistake- A French mistake - woahhh spn fandom u get here fast - so fast maby it's (put on aviators  at night) SUPERNATUAL

"'Don't be smart, Sherlock, I'm the smart one!'" "I am the smart one." Actual five year olds Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes

What I would give for this to my future..I mean my future kids playground!! ;)

Now that's a playset!

What a beautiful and interesting thing this Kids Castle is! When you are just a kid and you got to play in this beautiful kids castle .

Amazing bridal hair inspiration for your wedding day

Amazing bridal hair inspiration for your wedding day

Are you looking for bridal hair inspiration? Well we've got the perfect wedding shoot to give you some fabulous ideas for your wedding hair!

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A place from which one's strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self

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Mycroft and Sherlock are so afraid of Mummy Holmes. And Mycroft opts to be noble and protect himself and his little brother, whereas Sherlock is like "abandon ship! Throw Brother Mine under the bus!

It's not worth whatever it is. Save lives. End Bullying.

Reminded me of you

You can't ask for forgiveness if you do that.don't be selfish.if nothing else God Loves You!<<< Okay this religious bull about how suicide is selfish really pisses me off. Suicide is neither selfish nor cowardly.

Word Burnage, volume 1<<< perfect for dialogue in stories

Word Burnage, volume 1

The third one would be good for me because it is a known fact that I barely use my phone