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"Real Men Love Cats Too!" - 1st November 2014

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Siberian Cat - As the name suggests, they come from Siberia, one of the hardest climate zones of Russia.

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(Siberian Cat) * * A spider lives inside my head,Who weaves a strange and wonderous web, Of silken threads and silver strings To catch all sorts of flying strings, Like crumbs of thought, And bits of smiles, And dried up tears, and dust of things that catch and cling,, For years and years and years. [ Everything On It

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I've heard that these cats (Siberians) don't bother people with allergies (my boyfriend). Possibility?? <3

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Leafcloud a queen in Foxclan mate- Copperpelt kits- Lightkit later- Lightpelt Leafcloud's a strong cat, she was a loner before she came into the clan and now she is a cat on another quest. stat- Queen

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