Siberia season 2

Eskimos get to be defined as “members of an indigenous people of Greenland, northern Canada, Alaska and northeastern Siberia, characterized by short, stocky build and light-brown complexion.”

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Reminds me of a scene in The Jacket (2005), a scene with Adrien Brody and Jennifer Jason Lee. The film, incidentally, was loosely inspired by The Star Rover by Jack London (1915).

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2 DEC: The BBC 100 Women season has asked young women about growing up in their part of the world. Lubov a 22-year-old from Siberia is part of a nomad tribe and wants to keep their traditions alive. Find out more: #BBCShorts @BBCNews #100Women #GoodGirl #siberia #Surgut #Women #Nomad #Girls by bbcnews

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