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I'm pretty known for shutting people out, but I don't like people I consider family talking down about me behind my back.

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what are you good at? uhm, let's see....shutting people out, faking smiles, wishing i was good enough, being paranoid, thinking everyone hates me...yeah that's about it

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So true. You know what just save your breath. We dont need your excuses or your sorry attempt to cover you laziness. Your actions already spoke for you.

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"You're not really good at letting people care for you," Lucy spoke quietly. Nova stared at the ground and said softly, "That's because the last time I cared for someone or someone cared for me, they died. Because of me. And I refuse to let that happen again." They were both silent for a moment, then Lucy looked up and said fiercely, "I won't accept that."

Aquarians have the habit of shutting people out when they're under stress. SOMEtimes true depending on the person...if were super close to u then u know it all!!!

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