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I like the refraction used in the image with the glass. I really like the Black & white conversion because i think it adds depth to the image.


Shutter Speed: A Beginner's Guide... I've always believed that in photography, you should avoid getting bogged down in the technical side of your hobby, and focus on developing your creative talent. However, there are certain technical elements that are essential to getting a good photo - shutter speed is one of them


Random Inspiration 121

I like this one for the strong contrast between the Red And the White Light. It also appears that one lane is busier than the other, this is perhaps due to the relative Strength of the White light against the Red. However it did inspire me to look for unbalanced traffic flows in my Light trails. I included two examples of light trails in my Project. With Traffic I attempted to achieve this concept.


Top 10 Most Amazing Black and White Photos Part 2

Michael Penn - Philadelphia 471 In this photo the aperture was low to create a depth of field. It has a bokah effect where the background is blury, creating a sharp, focused effect on the phone. The shutter speed I imagine was on a low setting, capturing the movement in the background therefore inhancing the stillness and mystery of the abandoned phone.