Shrek: I never understood growing up but now I do!

27 Adults Jokes In Cartoons That You Totally Missed As A Kid

Lord Farquad’s castle compensating for. LOVE the adult jokes in kid's movies

That hallelujah song and I like big butts and I cannot lie I always associate shrek

Shrek Songs

Funny pictures about Shrek Songs. Oh, and cool pics about Shrek Songs. Also, Shrek Songs photos.

Pinnocchio. Telling the truth like a boss.

Pinnochio, you clever bastard…

That's it, Pinocchio, talk circles around that so-called Prince "Charming. -- Love all the Shrek movies.

This awkward moment.

This awkward moment.

That happened to me but with the "world's ugliest laugh dub step remix".

Can’t believe I never noticed it!

Can’t believe I never noticed it…

I can honestly say It was. I loved singing along to it haha ___ shrek

welcome to duloc such a perfect town but we have some rules let us lay them down don't make waves stay in line and we'll get along fine Duloc is a perfect place please keep off of the grass shine your shoes wipe your face! Duloc is a perfect place

When Shrek met Robin Hood

When Shrek met Robin Hood

When Shrek met Robin Hood. Dreamworks, creating movies for all ages, with the best results.

Putting this on my bucket list because I will legit send this to my crush some day. I just need to develop a crush on someone oops.

i have the weirdest crushes on people who are waaay out of my league rip