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My dad literally just asked a question about what our favourite fandom is on FB and there's like 4 that I am a part of so now I'm not happy I have to choose one xxx

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Soul Eating Woodland Fairy Queen 🍂🍁 Looking like I just got done feasting on ur baes soul 💃🏼 TAG A FRIEND THAT NEEDS SOME HALLOWEEN INSPO! __________________________________________________________ Inspired by Leanhaum-Shee / Leanhaum-Shee (as told in ancient folklore) was an evil fairy who would prey on men and essentially suck out their life force or soul, leaving an empty shell. She did this in order for her to stay young and powerful. Pretty badass, if you ask me…

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Ok, I love post-apocalyptic worlds and shit like that, so combing that with one of my favourite characters in one of my favourite shows just makes my life complete!

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Doctor who marathon :). OH WAIT, I CAN'T, BECAUSE NETFLIX TOOK DOCTOR WHO OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow twilight gets 2 & TMI 1, CRUELTY, and "stop treating everything like a weapon!" Could work

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SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT! ...there's a give for the suit life of zac and cody too loooool a gif for everything cause Supernatural mighy be based on a fictional stories but it is actually a show that we all relate to and is a realistic show from our daily lives. They are just like all of us.

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