Love this idea - maybe try with a faux wall finish and use paper lace doilies pressed into glaze faux layer then pulled back off ??? Will try on a practice wall board and see. :) Pretty lace shovels

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Cool New Release For the Love of Spock 2016 Movie for Watch and Download check here , with stars

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Rag-and-bone man, with horse and cart, once a common sight on British streets. He would call out Rag n' Bone Rag n' Bone and collect just those things and lived off the proceeds he could sell on. They still exist but now use vans and lorries

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Have some old garden tools of no use? No, don't throw them! Here're some of the best Repurposed Garden Tools Ideas to look at.

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Sculpture | This is a sculptural form because the pine cones are aesthetically pleasing, but not functional; they are random and three dimensional, but not practical.

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