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For those of you wondering, the bands are; Panic! at the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkey, Pierce the Veil, Bring Me the Horizon, Sleeping with Sirens, and Thirty Seconds to Mars


Having gay parents must be horrible

If I ever get married our children will be pillaged with endless cycles of dad jokes. *child yells for dad* 'yeah?' 'not you the other one!' *both answer* Which one?' 'The short one!' 'We're both short!' 'The twink-ier one!' 'We're both twinks!' 'Dad I do

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How Things Would Change If Kids Ran The World

When you think you are having a bad day...remember this kid's face...this brings back some memories...hahahahaa....Magic Mountain anyone ever feel like they were going to fall out of the ride? I did, and pretty much felt like this little guy..hahahaha..!


<li><p>These sweet pyjamas come with little printed swallows to keep her company on chilly nights. Cotton rich for comfort, the set includes two short sleeve tops, with co-ordinating long and short bottoms to mix and match. One pyjama top is printed and the other is complete with the slogan Sea You In The Morning.</p><p>Short sleeve crew neck tops</p><p>Bottoms pull up with elasticated waistbands</p></li>

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