Charles Dickens’ unlike a lot of his Victorian cotemporaries did not believe in ghosts. Despite this, ghosts did fascinate him and he wrote about them. * His short ghost stories like all of his novels reflected a strong social message. Dickens grew up in London during a time of great poverty and disarray. His stories reflect the London he kn

This is from this website..>>> I love ghost stories..I like the true and the fake ones..hence this blog site..I also recently bought a book on ghost stories which you can buy at Barnes and Noble(on Sale)>>>"Real Ghost Stories" "True Tales Of Terrifying Spirits And Haunted Places" by author Brad Steiger (It's very readable and I am enjoying it(and it has pictures and photographs in it as well!) #Horror short story, click to view entire comic. #Horror short story, click to view entire comic.

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The Sheriff's Curse by Lonnie Dai Zovi, is a short ghost story (with exercises) that is about a Sheriff in modern day Salem who doesn't believe in the curse pronounced by one of the accused Salem witches during the Salem Witch Trials era long ago...or does he?

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Ebenezer Scrooge A Christmas Carol Not just one of my favorites at Christmas but one of my all time favorite stories.

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HAUNTINGS: A fiction collection of five short ghost stories set in the world of the Shadows of Esteren gothic-horror RPG.

A mysterious, vengeance-filled spirit stalks an English town, appearing wherever children die. Subtle, short, beautiful and moody-scary, this one’s a classic Gothic ghost story.

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