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Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly Pie

Nothing says homestyle cooking more than a freshly baked Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly pie. Prefer a dry or wet bottom pie? From our bake oven to yours!

Good 'n Plenty Pennsylvania Dutch Shoo-Fly Pie

Shoofly Pie (Pennsylvania Dutch Recipe)....Mom made shoofly pies! Unheard of here in central Illinois back in the day....


If you have visited the area, here is a little piece of nostalgia you can make at home! Shoofly pie recipe


Favorite Shoofly Pie

Favorite Shoofly Pie has a dark molasses filling and is best served warm and topped with whipped cream

Shoofly Pie

My mother was Pennsylvania Dutch, and this looks a lot like how she made Shoofly Pie. It's kind of a crumb cake in a pie shell. We always had it at Thanksgiving and other holidays, and, sometimes just as a special treat when the whim took her. There are moister versions, and the most authentic use molasses, and they're delicious, too; but hers looked like this one, and she usually preferred to use dark Caro syrup.