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The Black Widow Pulsar

Eerie Black Widow Pulsar--At the Top of Freaky Phenomena in the Universe?


Rolls: Paper Cut Collages by Anastassia Elias

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Shock Waves: Powerful Urban Paintings by Shaka

Shock Waves: Powerful Urban Paintings by Shaka | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration


Petunias Shock Wave Denim & Easy Wave Violet with lavender bacopa (another view)


Shadowgram of shock waves from a supersonic bullet fired from a rifle. Shadowgraph optical technique reveals that the bullet is moving at about a Mach number of 1.9. Left and right running bow waves and tail waves stream back from the bullet, and its turbulent wake is also visible. Patterns at the far right are from unburned gunpowder particles ejected by the rifle.

Original Snack Factory Shock Wave E-juice ( 2 Bottles / Pack )

Original Snack Factory Shock Wave E-juice ( 2 Bottles / Pack )

#PencilNebula | This shock wave plows through space at over 500,000 kilometers per hour. Moving toward to bottom of this beautifully detailed color composite, the thin, braided filaments are actually long ripples in a sheet of glowing gas seen almost edge on. About 5 light-years long and a mere 800 light-years away, the Pencil Nebula is only a small part of the #VelaSupernovaRemnant.


Image of the Year: Billion-Year Old "Black Widow" Pulsar Ripping Through Milky Way at 1 Million KPH.


"....Jill C. Engle....Traci was my client at the Family Law Clinic I direct at Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law. One of my law students, a graduate fellow, and I represented Traci in divorce proceedings. When Traci’s husband killed her, it sent shock waves through our clinic and reinforced my role as a teacher and an advocate."

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Shock Wave DressNWT

Shock Wave Dress Beyond cool cobalt blue dress featuring a cutaway neckline and an open back with thin strap detailing. Tulip hem. Zip closure at side, fully lined. By Mystic. Brand new, with tag. *true to size* Nasty Gal Dresses Asymmetrical