God Shiva Images with Parvathi, Ganesh and Muruga

Lord Shiva and Family. The unmanifest/the inert; the manifest/inertia, without each other the guardian and brother do not exist. They are elements of the universe where humanity is but a part of. Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh and Kartikeya.

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Kali Ma

The Stunning Art of George Redreev

This depiction of Kali and Shiva references the human experience of death. Kali, who represents dissolution mates with Shiva, who represents creation. She drives him mad and he forgets who he is. For a time, Shiva is lost. Such is death.

Shiva Parvati UV Painting handmade on order blacklight

Shiva Parvati UV Painting - handmade on order blacklight active psychedelic india multiple sizes

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