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Ship Name Maker

tanaw: ““For the first time, I found someone I want to bond myself to. And that’s Victor. I don’t really have a name to call these feelings, but I decided to call it love.” ”


A woodblock print by the great Japanese Shinーhanga Artist ― 吉田 博 titled "Kinoe" by Hiroshi Yoshida (吉田 博), dated 1930 ・ || Link pinned and found via Tumblr account named 'Generally Nautical' without proper credit to the Artist and no specified title of the woodblock print piece, respectively.


Neville & Luna...I really hate that they didn't end up together. That is the only thing I liked better about the movies...That Neville and Luna were together at the end. Or at least they made it seem that way.

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The keel of the QE2 was John Brown job number 736 was laid on 5 July 1965, the…

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Bracket clock

1710 British Bracket clock at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "Small clocks such as this example are thought to have been used when travelling. Too large to be used in a carriage, they were designed to be carried from place to place. It has been suggested that they might well have been used on board ship, fitted into a case fixed to the wall of a cabin."