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If you wanna look like Sherlock! | Sherlock Scarf Guide | @Sam McHardy

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31 Clothing Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know (With Pictures)

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"Ok fangirls, here he is! Benedict Cumberbatch taking off his scarf. the other "forever worth a repin" gif (you take off that scarf like the champion you are!) Click on this and you won't regret it" // GASP. So majestic!

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He's beautiful here... I know, I know, he's beautiful in every pic... But here he's even more beautiful.

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this is the cumberscarf I got and it works perfectly! I highly recommend this one to any BBC Sherlock fan looking for a look a like scarf :)

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He has two modes: Classy English Gentleman and Crazy Weirdo Homeless Man<------------- repinned for this ahahahahah

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