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I LOVE this. Sherlock has the train man's hat. John's background says "Best Friend." Moriarty looks straight up INSANE. But most importantly: Mycroft's smoke is in the shape of a GOLDFISH!!

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How can a man be so adorable that even in drawing form I want to marry him? How is that fair? Why is that allowed?

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Amazing Sherlock fanart by ocean-crystal Here's the Deviant Art Link to the artist's work:

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Sherlock doesn't get enough credit for  trying not to be a violent psychopath. xD
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nitefise-art: “ More from my livestreams. Companion set to Sherlock, John, and Mycroft. Ritchie!verse next, anyone? ”

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Sherlock - The Lying Detective. And the therapist just does she doesn't like react really in any way

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