Sherbet pronunciation

Sherbet. February. Hierarchy. The English language is filled with words people often mispronounce, but you don't have to be one of those people! Here are 10 of these tricky words and their proper pronunciation.

As I linguist, I know that in speaking the same language there is no “one correct” accent or pronunciation of certain words. There are certain pronunciations of a word that may be more widely accepted, but it doesn’t mean the other options are wrong. As well as having a different accent in different places there...Read More »

You're saying things wrong. There are too many pronunciation mistakes to list, but for starters: There is no second R in "sherbet," the first C in "flaccid" gets a K sound and the correct plural of octopus is octopodes...which isn't even in spell check!

What’s the Difference Between Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, and Sherbet? | Is the difference between sorbet and sherbet just a matter of pronunciation? Is gelato just ice cream with an Italian accent? You’d be forgiven for thinking so: the terms are used interchangeably in conversation all the time. But actually, when it comes to labeling frozen treats in the supermarket, the USDA adheres to precise guidelines. Want the scoop? Here's our handy guide to seven of the most common varieties.

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