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Want Staying Power? These Lip Stains Won't Budge.

@Bridget Hatfield Earwood Dougherty You do nair for me? 5 dolla 5 dolla ;) One color colour nail art: white (ivory) and gold glitter (eyeshadow, pigment). Put dust on your skin (above your nail) and blow it on your nail white the white polish is still wet

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JJ Nail Care - San Jose, CA, United States. Shellac nail, coffin shape with rhinestone design by Linh.

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45 Chevron Nail Art Ideas

And here’s one you can do with beige base and some gold glitters. It’s really simple, even with the Chevron pattern where it’s just two V-shaped lines.:

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This & That & (Weekend Recap & New Dining Table)

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