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PlumSiena: What a Wall! Emily Swift-Jones She began with a normal, painted wall, smoothed it out with joint compound, primed with shellac and then went to town. The steps included Dutch metal gold leaf, patinating the gold leaf, glazing with oil colours and varnishing for the top coat. At the end, she embedded tiny glitter flakes into the tacky varnish.

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The World's Finest Shellac Flake, Information

UW Shellac Starter Package

Ultra-Blonde De-Waxed Shellac Flakes Contents: 1 oz Ultra Blonde De-Waxed Shellac Flakes 1 Cotton Cloth 1 10" Length of Cheese Cloth 1 250 ml Mason Jar We've made it super easy for you to mix up a 1 pound cut of shellac flakes; just fill the jar included in the kit with 8 oz of denatured alcohol or a shellac thinner (Lee Valley Tools ). Set aside for 24 hours and the flakes will be dissolved; now you're ready to finish! You can also purchase HERE 1 oz shellac flake packets for when you…

20 Finishing Tips

20 Finishing Tips Purchase the complete version of this woodworking technique story from Make dewaxed shellac Take the wax out of shellac and you have a great sealer that’s compatible with most other finishes. It’s best to get this “dewaxed” shellac as dry flakes that you mix with denatured alcohol. Usually you have to order the flakes through the mail. But in a pinch, you can decant (draw off …

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Rotating Jewelry Box with Secret Compartments; Functional Art, 'The Helical Box'

Dewaxed Orange Shellac Flakes. (Orange, 16 oz) WellerMart

Alcohol lamp, shellac flakes and shellac stick

Mixing Shellac Combine shellac flakes or buttons with denatured alcohol to create the right 'cut' for your next finishing project

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How to Dissolve Shellac Flakes

Food-Safe Wood Finish with Shellac (+ bee's wax / walnut oil)

This Instructable will take you through the steps of making and applying a true shellac finish from flakes (not the stuff in the spray can or jar that you'll find at the hardware store, although the same steps may apply). Shellac flakes are dissolved in alcohol, then the mixture is applied to a piece of wood, the alcohol evaporates, and the shellac stays behind and seals the piece.Backstory:I needed to find a finish that was totally food-safe, quick to apply, low VOC, and easy to maintain…

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An excellent source for shellac flakes on the Oregon coast. They have eight varieties and prices are less than other suppliers.

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Mixing Shellac: Combine shellac flakes or buttons with denatured alcohol to create the right 'cut' for your next finishing project.

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Liberon Garnet Shellac Flakes, 250g

The Liberon Garnet Shellac Flakes produce a stunning golden brown French polish ideal for antique restoration. Shellac is also natural and non-toxic.

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Light Pure Buttonlac

Rockler Liberon Shellac Flakes

Art Spectrum Shellac Flakes. Use Shellac Flakes to make fresh shellac – simply dissolve in methylated spirits.The advantage of mixing your own shellac is that the variable of time is removed. The older the shellac mixture, the longer it will take to dry.