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When Kyu/Wookie/Yeye/Daesung/T.O.P./D.O./Chen opens his mouth. Just like this. Feelings, babe, feelings.

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Can You Pass This Shawn Mendes Trivia Quiz?

I got 11 out of 11, P.S This is an old quiz so yah, and I'M REALLY A TRUE FAN! I LOVE SHAWN SO MUCH WORDS CANNOT EXPLAIN!

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He Knows not to break her heart or ill break his face. -Gracie P.S. Shawn no offense

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Shawn Mendes on

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST TALENTED GUY ON EARTH! I'm still hoping that you will come to the Netherlands one day. Love you! @ellisbouwmans

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Austin) ((open rp)) *I'm in park, taking photos for my photography class. I see you reading under a tree and I smile. I sit, looking through my pictures over taken so far. You stand up and approach me* hi *i say, smiling wide*

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