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If you’ve had a bad day, Sheila wants to help you out! | By Ketrina ketrinadrawsalot [Animated - Gif - Shark - Comic]

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the funniest shark meme

This is why I watch Shark Week. Hope to see some moron get eaten by a shark for being stupid and swimming with them because they think they have the shark hypnotized or under control. Then they act surprised when it doesn't work smh

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The only reason sharks bang on shark cages is because they want to free the humans trapped inside.

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28 Funny Animal Pictures

Initially: I laughed So hard at this! Later: *that moment you Think you're strong but you're Actually a medium-maintenance wuss* See also: That cowboy pic to the right.

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Sharks Rule

We're happy to share that Liz Climo, one of our favorite artists, has just released a brand-new book titled Lobster Is the Best Medicine! Climo, who is popula…

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Funniest Memes -

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19 Movies That Would Be Hilarious Backwards

If you watch Jaws backwards... it's about a shark who throws up so many people they have to open a beach. Poster for a Shark Week party. fb

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