"Sharks are not as deadly as you might think. Of 118 reported shark attacks around the globe last year, 17 resulted in death (about 15%). Contrary to..."

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Shark Bite cocktail with spiced rum, blue curacao, light rum, sour mix and grenadine. Great Halloween drink! Get this drink recipe at http://mixthatdrink.com/shark-bite/

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Shark Bite Earring Material: Korean polymer clay; Note: 1.This price is for one piece, not one pair. 2. Every piece will have a very little different color, but will not too much. 3. These earrings are handmade. I really need time to make it carefully and beautiful. NOW THERE ARE SO MANY CUSTOMERS HAVE O...

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I want spider/viper bites, monroe, labret, dolphin bites or the shark bites cx
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