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"The rule is: I do not buy ugly stuff anymore. So yes, the pan on the counter also looks nice just like the shampoo bottles in the shower. I buy only things in pretty packages or, if necessary, I put them in a new packaging." | Binnenkijken bij Fleur en Nick in Nijmegen

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diy pretty shampoo bottles

diy shampoo bottles - love this! Keeps things looking neat and tidy in the shower. Especially nice for gues bath too.

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Twist shampoo | Designer: Berik Yergaliyev + Design: I don't know how the product works but the packaging is devine. Lots of character!

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diy pretty shampoo bottles

probably my simplest DIY to date -- is anyone else like me and only buys products based on the packaging? well that's a hard way to get by when you're cheap and buy your bath products at cvs. so i ...

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Mar 5 DIY minimalist shampoo bottles

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The Muji Bath Radio ‘borrowed’ the form of the Muji refillable Shampoo bottle which was introduced in 2003. The speaker also relates to the ...

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Elizabeth Kopay-Gora - Beard Shampoo (project)

Elizabeth Kopay-Gora - Beard Shampoo (project) #packaging #design blog World Packaging Design Society│Home of Packaging Design│Branding│Brand Design│CPG Design│FMCG Design

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A little glue, a few pony beads, scraps of foam & cardstock, a snip of a cotton swab stick = Lotion bottle! (I less bead for handsoap) kj

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