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Vegetarian Shami Kebab / Chane Ke Kebab

Its always fun to cook for friends and family. I had a potluck lunch with friends today and decided to make some Chane ke Kababs or better known as Shami kebabs. Shami kebabs are small patty made with minced meat, black chickpeas and egg is used to hold it together. I being a vegetarian decided... Read More »

Bavette Shami Kebabs with black cardamom, black cumin and cinnamon

Sumayya shares her glorious shami kebab recipe, but makes hers with slow cooked bavette steak rather than the traditional ground beef. Laced with black cardamom, black cumin and herbs, these kebabs will make a wonderful celebration starter. Read more about Sumayya's foodie Eid memories here.


Shami kebabs are ready.


Vegetarian Shami Kebabs (Bengal gram Patties)

Shami Kebab usually made with beef boneless meat...but you can also make them with chicken meat and taste is really good, kids will love them, you can freeze them and can use any time for guests or snacking or you can also make shami kebab burgers with them for lunch box.

Pakistani Shami Kebabs

We Pakistanis love various types of kebabs in our food. Shami Kebabs being one example which is served with almost any main course on Pakistani dinner table. Be it with Daal Chawal, with paratha achaar, as Shami Kebab sandwich, with Peas or chicken Pulao or with afternoon tea. In some way directly o


Getting the new year off to a good start with some shami kebabs and spicy pork cafreal. #MangiaBene #HomeMade #TalesFromNW