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The Yoni mudra can be described as a gesture that allows a person to get detached from the chaos of the outer existing world. Yoni means uterus or womb and this gesture is named the Yoni Mudra, because the person who practices it regularly has no external contact with the world, pretty much like a baby in the uterus.


Let us sit in a sacred sisterhood circle of priestesses to honor our ancestors, share our personal experiences and be witnessed in our stories. Feeling free and vulnerable as we shed the masks/veils of the collective ego and dissolve all sisterhood separation through authentic expression!


The dance of the third eye chakra is inspired by the ancient shamanic practice of trance-dance. This dance transports us beyond time and space. Our vision becomes expanded; we open up to insights from our higher self or spirit.

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Mad Mary: Crow Art Print

Oh wow, this is basically what I'm thinking about for my halloween costume, with the deer antlers added.


The shaman knows the drama of the human soul, its instability, its precariousness ... the forces that threaten it and the regions to which it can be carried away. If shamanic cure involves ecstasy, it is because illness is regarded as *a corruption or alienation of the soul.* ~Mircea Eliade