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Tom Hiddleston' Voice. Tom Hiddleston reads Shakespeare's iconic Sonnet 18. [The Love Book]. Link:

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Shakespeare. Everybody should learn one of WS's sonnets off by heart. This one is good but choose another.

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Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? This sonnet by Shakespeare makes me cry with its intensity.

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William Shakespeare's Sonnet 73 Analysis by Stanza

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Sonnet 145. Amongst those who are convinced the sonnet belongs to Shakespeare, some argue that it was written for Anne Hathaway and not the dark lady. If we analyze the poem with this hypothesis in mind, we could claim that line 13 contains a pun on his wife's name: "hate away."

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Sonnet 97. The linguistic richness of this poem is the cause of its prominence and popularity among the sonnets. With an economy of imagery, the speaker manages to evoke the “freezings” and “dark days” of winter, the warmth and luxury of the “teeming autumn, big with rich increase,” and, in the third quatrain, the uneasy coexistence of the two in the lonely speaker’s mind.

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