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from Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan 'Shadows in the Night' Album Review

The Shadow In The Background Of The Morgue. The Unsuspecting Victim, Of Darkness In The Valley, We Can Live Like Jack & Sally, If You Want, Where You Can Always Find Me, We'll Have Halloween On Christmas, And In The Night We'll Wish This Never Ends, We'll Wish This Never Ends..


But already the oldest living things had arisen: in the seas the great weeds, and on earth the shadow of great trees, and in the valleys of the night-clad hills there were dark creatures old and strong...and the slumbering woods were haunted by monsters and shapes of dread.


witches around the globe → london ( at night ) the night witches of london are living, breathing art. these creatures dwell in the dark rooms of museums: dangerous to all, they whisper curses through the shadows. and when they are seen - no one seems to know who they are, just notice a flash of red through the shadow, a glint of a smile through the night.