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The Color Thesaurus

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Paint Palettes

Earthy hues go dazzling in this palette from designer Patrick Mele. Get an iPad subscription and try out different wall colors.


CORN POPPY Flower Coquelicot (kohk-li-koh) is a shade of red. The term was originally a French vernacular name for the wild corn poppy, Papaver rhoeas, which is distinguished by its bright red color, and orange tint. It eventually passed into English usage as the name of a color based upon that of the flower. The first recorded use of this usage was in the year 1795. Claude Monet painted Les Coquelicots or Poppies Blooming in 1873


The leaf shows all the fine lines of the vains that you don't pay attention to normally. I captures the light thats trying to get through the leaf on top perfectly.


The 18 Best Plants for Cottage Gardens

Bellflower- best plants for cottage gardens This tough perennial produces spikes of white or blue blooms in early and midsummer. Like most cottage garden plants, the flowers are great for cutting. Name: Campanula percisifolia Growing