I love the big clock! I would like it for my room!

33 Ways to Add Modern Wall Clock to Kitchen Decor and Cure Boring Interior

Always wanted one of these

Ours like this is between living and dining rooms & ours is black Shabby and Charme SUCH A SWEET KITCHEN! (The clock is gorgeous!

I never saw myself as a shabby chic kinda gal, but I actually love this kitchen! Reckon it'd work a treat in ours.

Shabby chic style: why it's the only trend that matters

Relaxed but elegant, posh but friendly — this is why every home decorator has a shabby chic scheme in them waiting to get out

Old white shabby clock

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Small rooms look great in white as it makes them look bigger, white modern living rooms

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50+ Shabby Chic Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Shabby Chic Pink Clock 14x14 Girls Room Cottage Style Home

Shabby chic pink clock girls room cottage style home decor aged rustic bedroom wall hanging shower birthday christmas gift

Shabby Chic 100cm Handmade Clock.  Are you looking for something different? Perhaps you would like to replace the large painting with something fresh and a lot more charismatic? If you want a centrepiece that will differentiate your place from the rest of the world look no further. We can assure you that the Classic Shabby Chic centrepiece wall clock will make a lasting impression on anyone coming across it.

Shabby Chic Extra Large Centrepiece Wall Clock is the most amazing decorative timepiece.It displays Roman Numerals on the hand painted rustic background.