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Fibro pain is real. According the McGill Pain Scale, Fibro is just under childbirth as the most painful thing a person can endure. Fibro nerve pain is more painful than sprains, bone breaks, tooth fractures, Shingles, Phantom Limb pain, Chronic Back Pain, and Cancer.

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It's never not there. Sometimes it is excruciating. Unbearable. Hell. Sometimes it just lingers. But it always hurts.

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Plus busting your lip and chipping your favorite reed! Why do bad things happen to good people? WHY!? I loved that reed! Now I have to use the ehhh ones! :'(

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Signs that you may need a ‪#‎rootcanal‬... - Severe tooth pain - Prolonged sensitivity - Tooth discoloration - Gum swelling - Recurrent pimple on gum

Why Your Teeth Are Suddenly Causing You Problems -

Top 5 Signs that you may need a root canal: 1) severe tooth pain 2) prolonged sensitivity 3) tooth discoloration 4) gum swelling 5) recurrent pimple on gum. #Rootcanal #dental #teeth

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