Amethysts are recommended to those who deal with stress a lot, such as people with an excessive work ethic who are unable to enjoy relaxation. This quality is also believed useful when treating insomnia too. Amethysts also help those who are prone to depression and an overall melancholy feeling. Many also believe that amethysts are useful for those working to transcend chemical dependence. The stones may work as talismans to provide inner strength when battling dependency.

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I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon. Idiopathic hypersomnia

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chronic pain. Unfortunately bed time is when I seem to be most awake. And yeah, I've tried all the insomnia suggestions. I dunno, it's like everything is finally loosening up right when I need to sleep, and I have to start all over again in the morning.

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Approximately 40 million adults in the U.S. age 18 or older have an anxiety disorder. However, even in cases of severe anxiety, weighted blankets can help..

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Every night, millions of people in the U.S. are struggling to fall sleep or stay asleep. For those with insomnia, sleeping can become a severe, ongoing struggle that has a…

Serena uses sleep aid, and here is what she had to say about it. "I was having severe insomnia, my doctors had prescribed me different medications, that were not working and had too many side effects. A friend of mine works for Global Pharmedica and recommended this product. I tried it and to my surprise, IT WORKED! No side effects, and I can sleep better now. Thank you GP!!"

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For people with insomnia, help falling asleep may soon be available online: A recent clinical trial found that a web-based course of treatment for insomnia was effective at helping people get more sleep. Compared with people in the study who received no therapy, those who participated in the online treatment group fell asleep faster, woke up fewer times during the night and reported less severe insomnia after completing the treatment, according to the study. The type of therapy, called…

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